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Four Sisters Naturally

Cologne Samples

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Our Men's Cologne has quickly gained popularity and is the perfect addition to any morning routine or night out. Our fragrances are strongest at the time of application and will slowly dissipate. Reapplication recommended after 8 hours.

For best application, apply spray directly to your pulse points. Anywhere you can feel your pulse! Most common areas being the wrists, collar bones and behind the ears. 


Active Ingredients: Alcohol Denatured (SDA 40B), Fragrance 30%, Glycerin, Distilled Water


  • For Da Streetz:  For the man that likes to have a good time and is often the life of the function, this mix cedarwood, hyacinth and the zest of a lemon will keep to smelling fresh until the party's over!
  • D!ck Print: Similar to it's name, this scent will turn heads and get attention! A sexy mix of saffron, cranberry and amber makes this scent hard to forget.
  • bÔss: Take charge with this masculine blend of bay rum, sandalwood and a hint of vanilla. It's the perfect blend for a boss!
  • jentlmən: For a sophisticated lite scent, this blend of mint, lavender, cinnamon, orange blossom and vanilla is great for daily wear. 
  • Hey Zaddy: Designed for the distinguished mature man, we've selected an aged blend of orange, clove and patchouli that will set you apart!