Who We Are


Four Sisters Naturally is a black-owned brand specializing in skin & hair care for men and women of all ethnic backgrounds. Inspired by nature's best, our products combine benefit-rich ingredients known to deliver transformative results. Whether it be a brittle beard, dry skin, damaged hair or acne— we’ve got you covered! Allow us help you become a self-care master...

because YOU deserve it! 


With humble beginnings, Four Sisters Naturally was created in 2017 by Taunya Taylor. Growing up in a household as the youngest sister of four girls, she witnessed the struggles of self-care and realized it's importance. As a leader and self-care advocate, she developed a passion for using natural ingredients to treat issues like brittle hair and rough skin. This passion grew into a hobby and eventually, expanded into a successful business based out of her own kitchen. The Four Sisters Naturally brand was built on the foundation of simplicity and quality, and will continue to promote growth and beauty by means of self-care.