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Beard Wash


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Start your beard care regimen off right with our gentle and moisturizing beard wash. Enriched with essential oils for added nourishment, beard health and shine. This cleanser is lightly scented to add a little something special to your beard care routine. Our Beard Wash will help to keep your beard so fresh and so clean!
Essential oils used: Cedarwood, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint and Bergamot

30+ day supply

bärbər shōp - an intriguing mix of amber, spices, cherry and clove

phresh/ōshən - a fresh scent of citrus and moss

mənē - a relaxing scent of spearmint and eucalyptus

wo͝odzē - an earthy blend of sandalwood, vanilla and oak

la'vənilə - a calming masculine scent of lavender and vanilla

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